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50ml / 1.69 fl. Oz

Spots Free, a 24-hour cream for intense whitening treatment against skin discoloration and pigmentation.

It helps reduce the visible signs due to UV rays or discolorations and makes the skin look healthier.

For all skin types.


72.00 (instock)
what's the benifit?

It helps reduce the visible signs due to UV rays or discolorations, and makes the skin look healthier.

Restores skin color in a natural way.

Whitening with 4 powerful ingredients that inhibit melanin production.

• Reduces wrinkles, freckles, chloasma (pregnancy mask), melasma, freckles, hyperpigmentation and sun marks.

• Offers antioxidant protection and hydration.

• Improves skin firmness and elasticity.

• Used all year round, even in summer.



what's in it?

Oligopeptide-34 (CG-TGP2)

This oligopeptide is ideal for damaged skin.

It has triple action:

• Fights wrinkles.

• Reduces inflammation.

• Offers radiance and an even complexion.

It increases skin elasticity, redefines the face contour and improves skin thickness in just 8 weeks.



A natural product from the root of the plant Curcumalonga (turmeric).

It protects skin cells from UV radiation due to its double action:

• Antioxidant protection.

• Prevention of free radical production and deactivation of those already formed.

It also inhibits tyrosinase, a key enzyme in melanin production.


Hyaluronic Acid

A polysaccharide that serves as a water reservoir for the skin cells, due to its unique capacity to retain water.

It creates a film on the skin surface and protects the skin from the environmental impact.


Vitamin E

A strong antioxidant and effective moisturizing agent.

It regenerates the skin by increasing collagen and elastin production.

It improves skin elasticity and makes skin look younger.


Kojic Acid Dipalmitate

A natural substance found in certain fungi.

It inhibits tyrosinase, which in turn inhibits melanin production.

It also increases skin elasticity.



A clear, water-soluble, biosynthesized substance found in cranberries, blueberries, berries, etc.

Alpha-Arbutin imitates the action of hydroquinone, without its adverse reactions.

Studies have specifically shown that it:

• Whitens spots and prevents the creation of new ones.

• Inhibits melanin production and gradually increases skin radiance.

• Offers antioxidant protection.


Keratoplast, Jojoba Oil, Plant & Fruit Extracts

Substances that contribute to maintaining skin hydrolipid balance.

Additionally they:

• Help increase hydration.

• Make the skin more elastic.

• Prevent the signs of aging.

Are you a dermatologist? Read the clinical trial.


is it for me?

Spots Free Cream is ideal for all skin types.

It is also suitable for:

• Freckles

• Chloasma (pregnancy mask)

• Melasma

• Spots

• Hyperpigmentation

• Signs of aging

• Sun spots


how to use

Apply Spots Free Cream on the face and neck with gentle taps.

Use the cream daily, morning and night, all year round, even in summer.

This way you get the best possible results and protect your skin due to its sunscreen filters.

It can applied alone in the evening and in the morning with sun protection.

It can be combined with White Elixir for an intense whitening treatment.

perfect combination
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