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37.5ml / 1.268 fl. Oz

Concentrated, 24-hour intensive reconstruction treatment serum for an immediate lifting and brightening effect of the face, eyes and neck.

For all skin types.

15 x 2.5 ml


107.50 (instock)
what's the benifit?

It works on two levels offering an innovative, intensive anti-aging treatment and an immediate lifting effect from the first minutes of application, which lasts for hours.

• Reorganizes the inner structure of the skin.
• Reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin.
• Restores the V-shape of the face.
• Gives instant shine.
• Increases collagen, fibronectin and elastin.
• Restores a youthful appearance, making the skin smoother.


what's in it?

Easyliance® 5%

It is a combination of highly hydrolyzed biopolymer and Acacia gum.

Offers the skin immediate lifting results, which are visible from the first 15 minutes after application.

Tests have shown that Easyliance instantly smoothes and tightens the skin with mechanical action in 2 stages:

First stage – Immediate filling of wrinkles

Once applied to the skin, it is absorbed, forming a film.

Wrinkles fill and become smoother and fine lines are visibly reduced.

Second stage – Immediate tightening for many hours

Once the polymer film is dry, it tightens and stretches the skin in just a few minutes.

This effect lasts for many hours. In clinical trials, Easilience was used in a content of 3%.

BioPeptide Serum contains Easilience in a content of 5%, for a more intense and prolonged firming effect.

Easyliance is a 100% natural product, recognized by ECOCERT for organic cosmetics.


Tightenyl 2%

It is a high biotechnology ingredient that completely regenerates the skin.

It consists of precursor molecules of the structural components of the skin.

Tightenyl offers an immediate bio-lifting effect and prevents sagging skin.

It provides the essential elements to relaunch S-GAGs synthesis.

Ex-vivo studies show clear improvement of the dermis infrastructure.

In just two weeks, it regenerates the V-shape of the face and restores the contour.

The skin regains its youthful properties, becomes smoother and regains its density.

Specifically, Tightenyl at a concentration of 2% ensures:

• + 75% tightening

• + 129% tonality

• + 83% plasticity

• + 117% viscosity (resilience)

After 3 months of application, the skin is completely reorganized from the inside out, like a baby’s skin.


Decapeptide-4 , Oligopeptide-20, Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2 and Oligopeptide 24

It is a complex of 4 biomimetic oligopeptides, that is peptides that mimic the cell proliferation factor.

These powerful peptides regulate the “aging index” of the skin.

In vitro studies have shown that in 28 days these peptides:

• Offer a visible lifting effect.

• Improve the relaxation of the skin, reducing the rate of cell destruction and increasing their adhesion.

• Increase skin elasticity, enhancing the synthesis of elastin and Fibronectin.

• Significantly reduce expression wrinkles and make the skin firmer, increasing collagen synthesis.

• Restore the symmetry, proportion and youthfulness of the face and improve the texture of the skin.

• Increase the viscosity of the skin. That is, its ability to return to its original state (eg if you pinch it, quickly returns to its place).

Tests have shown that they are well absorbed by the skin.


Vitamin E Acetate

Antioxidant factor that acts against free radicals at the level of cell membranes and protects the unsaturated fatty acids in them.

Indirectly contributes to the increase in the synthesis of glycoproteins, such as collagen and elastin.


A-Bisabolol Natural

It is the main active ingredient of chamomile.

It has excellent emollient properties and is easily absorbed by the skin.

• Protects the skin from the effects of daily stress.

• Tones, regenerates and restructures the skin.

• Compensates for the effects of aging and the environment.


is it for me?

Bio Peptide Serum is suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin.

15 ampoules: A complete 60-day treatment for long-term tightening and anti-aging.

how to use

Apply Bio Peptide Serum on dry, clean skin on the face, eyes, neck and décolleté every day morning and evening.

Once absorbed, you may apply your moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup or other product. It forms a perfect base for your makeup.

For an instant glow before an event, apply as a makeup base.

It can be combined with all face & eye creams.


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