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50ml / 1.69 fl. Oz

3D facial Y-shape reshaper cream. Gold Day Elixir emits an immediate and long-term light from inside the skin. It offers unassuming shine and long-lasting reconstruction.

It ignites the complexion with the radiance of pure gold, returning a glow to the skin that time has extinguished.

For normal and dry skin.


97.40 (instock)
what's the benifit?

Gold Day Elixir repairs replenishes and enriches the skin stimulating its long-term reconstruction.

• Prevents and restores the signs of aging.
• Reorganizes collagen production in just 1 month.
• It straightens the skin and provides deep hydration.
• Balances the skin color tone.
• Reduces the volume and depth of facial wrinkles and neck up to 32.5%.
• Reconstructs the skin, restoring its youthful appearance.
• Reactivates proteasome activity on mature skins.
• Helps the production of vitamin D.
• Protects against Blue Light.
• Stimulates skin detoxification.


what's in it?


Colloidal Gold

To enhance the radiant appearance rare, immutable ingredient, inspired by ancient rituals.

It revives the skin by illuminating it from the inside.

Gold releases its light in brilliant waves, enhancing the radiance of the skin immediately and in the long term.

The Polymethylsilsesquioxane gold particles are released gradually

and act in combination with the Golloidal Gold leaving a velvety feeling.

The deposition of gold particles on the skin provides optimized light diffusion and wrinkle correction


Agefinity™ 4%

The 3D Y-zone reshaper. It replenishes cell energy.

– Reprograms mitochondrial energy metabolism in older cells.

– Reconstructs the skin internally.

– Strengthens dermoepithelial composition.

– Reorganizes internally, like youthful skin.

– Eliminates blemishes.

– Reduces crow’s feet and neck wrinkles.The sugar that does not cause protein glycosylation.


Provitamin D

The vitamin D3 precursor molecule.

With UV radiation it is metabolized in the skin to vitamin D3 and then converted into its active metabolite.

– Prevents photoaging and strengthens the function of the skin barrier.

– Protects skin cells from damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

It inhibits the activation of stress-induced proteases. Stimulates the expression of an antimicrobial

peptide in the skin preventing infections.



Blue light absorption.

Blue light produces the same amount of free oxygen radicals (ROS) in the skin

as UVA and UVB radiation combined, while penetrating deeper into the skin than UVA2.

It has an antioxidant effect.

Results of a 12-week clinical study with topical use of Lutein:

– Photoprotective action.

– Reduction of lipid peroxidation.

– Increased lipid production.

– Increase in skin elasticity and hydration.


Hyaluronic Acid

Water reservoir of the skin.

Natural biopolymer that holds multiple water molecules.

It forms a film on the surface of the skin, keeping moisture in its upper layers, preventing water loss from the deeper ones.

The film normalizes the process of natural removal of dead cells.

The skin is filled with radiance.

– Easily penetrates the skin, improves its elasticity and structure.

– It reduces the production of metalloproteinases.

– Helps in better penetration of the other active ingredients.

– It supports the enzymatic action of glucocerebrosidase, stimulating it production of ceramics.

This activity has been confirmed in cells exposed to UV radiation.



is it for me?

Gold Elixir Day Cream is suitable for normal and dry skin.

how to use

Apply the Gold Elixir Day cream every morning to clean skin on the face and neck, gently massaging.

Daily, continuous use, provides faster results.

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