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Product Family / Limited Editions / 6. Mist 20 SPF & BB ACNE SOLAIRE 30 SPF
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Complete sun protection, gift, 100% cotton beach towel.


Mist 20 SPF

Invisible anti-wrinkle sunscreen mist for the face and body with provitamin D. Oil-free. Thanks to its active ingredients, it protects against UVA and UVB radiation with its advanced photostable filters. • Produces the optimal vitamin D levels • Offers antioxidant protection and deeply moisturizes your skin. • Restructures the skin and makes its smooth and healthy. • Retains the water molecules and releases them when the skin needs them. • Helps boost collagen production. Invisible Mist SPF 20 is sprayed easily and absorbed almost instantly. It is non-sticky and does not leave a visible residue on the skin.



Anti-acne, non-comedogenic face cream with a unique triple combination of sun protection, antioxidant action against digital aging (blue light) and ultimate matte coverage. • Makes skin look younger by improving it’s elasticity • Soothes immediately, in just 15 minutes • Reduces the size of dilated skin pores by almost 50% • Fights inflammation and associated redness • Increases collagen production • Improves skin density and firmness • Regulates sebum and redacts shine

BB ACNE SOLAIRE 30SPF, hydrates, retains water molecules and releases them according to specific skin’s needs

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what's the benefit?

Protective veil from environmental factors

• Production of optimal levels of Vitamin D

• Protection from Blue Light

• Antioxidant action

• Stimulation of the immune system

• Restoration of skin density

• Immediate deep hydration that lasts

• Increase of elasticity and improvement of skin tone

• Soothing action, reduction of redness & itching even for the very sensitive skins

• Matte look & regulation of sebum production

are they for me?

Apply the sunscreen evenly on dry skin, 20-30 minutes before you go out in the sun. Reapply often, at least every 2 hours, especially after swimming, drying off with a towel or sweating. Around a teaspoon is enough quantity for the face of an adult. Reducing the quantity significantly reduces the level of protection against the sun. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

Suitable for sports and sunbathing.