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Gold Day Elixir + EE Cream Eyes Xmas Pack + GIFT handmade bag


ml / fl. Oz

Ιmmediate firming & renovation

Gold Day Elixir is a 3D reshaper cream of the Y face shape that emits an immediate and long-term light from inside the skin. Is a luxurious moisturizer enhances the appearance of skin and ignites the complexion

with the radiance of pure gold, returning a glow to the skin that time has extinguished. Gold Day Elixir energizes your skin. It repairs, replenishes and enriches the skin by stimulating its long-term reconstruction.

• Prevents and restores the signs of aging.

• Reorganizes collagen production in just 1 month.

• Repairs the skin.

• Balances the skin color tone.

• Reduces the volume and depth of face and neck wrinkles by up to 32.5%.

• It rebuilds the skin, restoring its youthful appearance.

• Reactivates the activity of proteasomes in mature skins.

• Helps the production of vitamin D.

• Protects against blue light.

• Stimulates skin detoxification.

• Provides deep skin hydration.

For normal and dry skin – 50ml.


EE Cream Eyes is a 24-hour fast-acting, anti-wrinkle and firming skin energy enhancing eye cream.

That restores skin energy levels due to its innovative actives and a “beauty chain reaction”.

With fast-acting, innovative ingredients is currently one of Version’s most powerful weapons against wrinkles.

It is a collagen and elastin filler without needles.

• Tightens and softens the skin from the first minutes of use.

• -15% reduction in the depth and number of wrinkles in 15 days.

• +35% hydration in 7 days.

• +194% youth collagen production in 11 days.

• +190% elastin production in 11 days

For normal and dry skin – 30 ml


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