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Complete acne treatment Azaderm Cream & Cleanser 1+1, daily care with azelaic acid and mild surfactants.

Unique offer pack Azaderm Cream & Cleanser 1+1!


Azaderm Cream

Light, non-greasy cream with 16% azelaic acid for the treatment of mild, inflammatory or rosacea acne. With immediate and effective action. In addition, it neutralizes the bacteria that infect the skin pores. It also reduces keratin production. Safe in pregnancy. For sensitive oily, acne-prone or inflammatory acne prone skin types.


Azaderm Cleanser

A light texture, daily face and body cleansing gel with 10% azelaic acid and mild surfactants. So it offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Moreover, it removes excess sebum and unclogs skin pores. Suitable for oily skin or acne-prone skin.


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