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Skin problems’ camouflaging:

A wide variety of skin problems may sometimes make a person feel uncomfortable. In this case, a foundation that fully covers and helps the treatment of the blemish is necessary. On post-surgical scars, patients are re-assured that after-care includes safely camouflaging any evidence of surgery.

O₂ is a care product for skin surgery, plastic surgery and medical aesthetics treatments. Can be used from the first day for post-surgery healing and natural coverage of scars, hematomas etc. Can be also used as follow-up care after: CO2 laser – Rhinoplasty – Laser hair removal – Acne / Rosacea treatments – Facial plastic surgery – 1st and 2nd degree burns – Bruises – Scars – Injections – Dermabrasion – Chemical peeling – Burns or less serious skin damage as erythema, pigmentation etc.

Version O₂

Most foundations suffocate the skin by blocking the vital flow of oxygen. O₂ improves cell respiration while reducing the signs of procedure. It contains soothing agents and vitamins, ensuring that the skin receives maximum nourishment and protection at the same time.


Version O₂ combines 4 different actions:

  1. Breathable coverage: Riboxyl™
  2. Soothing:Unisooth PN-47, Chamomile Oil, Aloe Vera
  3. Nourishment:Vitamin E, SafesterA-75
  4. Protection:Hyaluronic Acid, Carboxymethyl Glucan

Version O provides to the skin all the necessary conditions allowing it to:

  • Calm down instantly and resist to further irritation
  • Reinforce natural skin barrier
  • Increase cellular activity

The Results:

  • Complete, undetectable coverage
  • Less down time

Continuous protection with continued use.


Cleanse thoroughly the application area following your dermatologist’s directions. May be applied on the face, neck and bust by gently massaging and tapping the product on. Suitable for all skin types (sensitive, normal, oily or dry skin). We strongly recommend that scars are kept out of the sun or protected with a sunscreen, as sun damage affects the healing and fading of scars. Keep your Version O2 in a cool, dark place below 25⁰C, to ensure its shelf life and effectiveness.

ingredients - action

RIBOXYL™: Pure ribose, the “sugar of life”, is a natural pentose. It is a key molecule present in all living cells, a fundamental building block of the ATP molecule which is the most important source of cell energy. Age and stresses alter cellular respiration. The lack of oxygenation is directly implied in the loss of luminosity, freshness and vitality of the skin. Riboxyl™ increases oxygen consumption, a proof of a high cellular activity. Furthermore, it shows a significant anti-wrinkle action.

UNISOOTHPN-47: Taking advantage of a powerful combination of Panthenyl Triacetateand Naringenin, to directly act on the causes of skin irritation, it has a strong multi-level mechanism of action:
Curative: it inhibits one of the major inflammatory pathway, the so called JAK/STAT signaling pathway to avoid cross-talk between cells.
Preventive: it decreases the mRNA synthesis of 12 major cytokines and chemokines to promote a prolonged soothing effect.
A clinical study on 25 volunteers has demonstrated a significant reduction of skin irritation and dehydration instantly in only 15 minutes.

D-PANTHENYL TRIACETATE: is an oil-soluble derivative of Vit.B5.The release of D-Panthenol from D-Panthenyl Triacetate and the final conversion into Vit.B5 is retarded, so D-Panthenyl triacetate gives a depot in the skin to release Vit.B5 slowly and constantly. Panthenyl Triacetate is well known for increasing wound healing, improving skin barrier, reducing UV-induced erythema, and more generally for its anti-irritation properties. On the other hand, Naringenin, which is extracted from citrus fruits, is known to inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokines in fibroblasts and more recently for its capacity to decrease inflammatory signaling pathways such as JAK/STAT.

CHAMOMILE OIL & ALOE VERA: are two natural components known for their soothing and calming action on the irritated skin.

VITAMIN E: Potent anti-oxidant and hydrating factor that improves skin elasticity. Moreover, vitamin E indirectly contributes to increase the synthesis of glycoproteins, such as collagen and elastin, important for cutaneous elasticity and turgor.

SAFESTER A-75: Ethyl Linoleate (Vitamin F ester) normalizes the outer tissue and increases the resistance of the skin. Products containing high unsaturated, essential fatty acids are especially appropriate for the care of the dry, cracked and sensitive skin.

  1. Precursor of ceramides
  2. SafesterA-75acts as a functional emollient
  3. Skin’s lipidic barrier is instantly improved: skin is protected from water loss

HYALURONIC ACID: A linear polysaccharide of high molecular weight, naturally occurring in the human body. It is applied here as a connective tissue organizer and hydrating substance on the basis of its status as the most hydrated polymer known. The enormous water-binding capacity of hyaluronan is an essential characteristic influencing its biological effects. It forms a film on the epidermis, which hydrates the surface of the skin and prevents water loss.

CARBOXYMETHYL GLUCAN: It belongs to a group of substances of natural origin characterized by significant immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects. These mechanisms enable Carboxymethyl glucan to regulate the negative effects of acute UV radiation, which, during in vivo studies, revealed a positive influence on skin texture and elasticity. It was shown to have a positive effect on the texture of the skin, characterized by skin pore size and the quality of the desquamation of the skin’s outer layer.

Parabens free

Unisooth PN-47 & Safester A 75 are registered trademarks of Induchem AG.

Riboxyl™ is registered trademark of Lucas Meyer.