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50ml / 1.69 fl. Oz

A 24-hour fast-acting, anti-wrinkle and firming skin energy enhancing face cream.

That restores skin energy levels due to its innovative actives and a “beauty chain reaction”.

For normal, combination and dry skin.


70.30 (instock)
what's the benifit?

EE Cream Face with fast-acting, innovative ingredients is currently one of Version’s most powerful weapons against wrinkles.

It is a collagen and elastin filler without the needles.

Clinical trials have shown:

• -15% reduction in the depth and number of wrinkles in 15 days.

• +35% hydration in 7 days.

• +94% youth collagen production in 11 days.

• +190% elastin production in 11 days.


what's in it?

Neodermyl 2%

A bioenergy source that contains lysine and proline amino acids, as well as copper.

Neodermyl® helps the skin regain its beauty because it increases:

• Collagen I and III (youth collagen) production, making your skin thicker and firmer.

• Elastin production, making your skin more supple.

Deep wrinkles are visibly reduced after just 2 weeks of applying Neodermyl®.

Specifically, clinical trials that used half the concentration of Neodermyl® (1%) found in ΕΕ Cream Face showed:

• -15% reduction in wrinkle depth.

• -13% reduction in the number of wrinkles.


Unisurrection S-61

Active plant ingredient that belongs to the so-called “resurrection plants”.

It contains Beta Vulgaris (Beet) root extract, Haberlea Rhodopensis leaf extract and Faex (Yeast) Extract.

Unisurrection S-61 provides:

• -4.5% reduction in fine wrinkles in 2 weeks.

• +35% hydration in 1 week.

• +37% skin cell growth.

• +50% enzyme restructuring and cell increase.

• +90% activation of mitochondria, the most important energy factories within the cells.


D-PTA (D-Panthenyltriacetate)

A permanent vitamin B5 reservoir for the skin, as it is a stable derivative of this vitamin.

In addition, it:

• Reduces skin water loss by -8.7% in just 3 days.

• Has soothing properties and fights redness.

• Penetrates the skin effortlessly.

Are you a dermatologist? Read the clinical trial.


Unimoist U-125G

An advanced anti-aging product that:

• Keeps the skin moisturized much longer.

• Restores the skin’s ability to retain water.

• Boosts natural hydration.


Safester A-75

An unsaturated omega-3 fatty acid and ceramide precursor that contains vitamin F.

It increases skin resilience and assists particularly with anti-aging, as it:

• Acts as an emollient and smoothens the outer tissue.

• Improves the lipid barrier instantly and protects the skin from water loss.

• Regulates sebum secretion and visibly improves dry, cracked, pale and sensitive skin.


is it for me?

EE Cream Face cream is suitable for normal, combination and dry skin.

How can I choose the right cosmeceutical for me?


how to use

Apply EE Cream Face on the face,

neck and décolleté twice a day (day and night).

It can be used as a perfect primer.

It’s easily absorbed.

perfect combination
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