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30ml / 1.01 fl. Oz

24-hour, powerful, anti-wrinkle eye cream with Niacinamide and peptides to combat dark circles, inhibit melanin synthesis and reduce puffiness.

For all skin types.


71.50 (instock)
what's the benifit?

Powerful eye care product with anti-inflammatories and anti-wrinkle action.

• Reduces wrinkles, puffiness and bags under the eyes by increasing Procollagen and Hyaluronic Acid production.

• Moisturizes your skin in depth, making it more supple and bright.

• With regenerative action.

• Protect against UVA/UVB with natural Titanium Dioxide filter.


what's in it?

Alfalfa Extract (Medicago Sativa Extract)

Rich in natural vitamin K, proteins and trace elements.

It improves blood microcirculation, invigorates the skin and provides nutrients to the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Combined with Εscin and a-Αrbutin, they:

• Reduce the bags under the eyes.

• Fight black circles.

• Deflate puffiness.



Provides significant firming and anti-wrinkle action in 8 weeks.

Increases Procollagen and Hyaluronic Acid production.


Unisteron Y-50 2%

A plant active ingredient that moisturizes the skin instantly.

It improves skin elasticity and reduces the depth of wrinkles after 1 month of use.

It also provides:

• +125% hydration in 7 days.

• +137% lubrication in 28 days.

• +50% elasticity in 28 days.

• -37% wrinkle reduction in 28 days.


Vitamin E

A strong antioxidant and effective moisturizing agent.

It regenerates the skin by increasing collagen and elastin production.

It improves skin elasticity and makes skin look younger.


is it for me?

Apply to the upper and lower eyelids, twice a day (morning and evening).

It creates a perfect base for makeup and is easily absorbed.

How can I choose the right cosmeceuticals for me?



how to use

Apply on the upper and lower eyelids twice a day (morning and night).

Can be used as a perfect primer. Easily absorbed.

It can be combined with all creams & serums.

perfect combination
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