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30ml / 1.01 fl. Oz

Unique concentrated antioxidant night serum for intense radiance with 35% vitamin C, for dry and very dry skin.


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what's the benifit?

Revolutionary intense night booster that offers spectacular results in all visible signs of aging. It is the only product with 35% stabilized vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Its high vitamin C concentration:

• Rejuvenates the cells and accelerates collagen production.

• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

• Offers strong antioxidant protection to your skin.

• Reverses the photoaging process, as it protects against UVA and UVB radiation.

• Fights skin hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

• Tones, firms and rejuvenates the skin.

• Boosts the skin’s immune system.

• Prevents the formation of telangiectasias, as it increases blood circulation and oxygen consumption in the skin.

what's in it?

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 35% in Glycospheres

A bioactive form of vitamin C.

The human body cannot produce vitamin C from glucose, as it does not have the appropriate enzyme for this reaction. As a result, food remains the only source of vitamin C for humans.

Oral ingestion of vitamin C cannot transfer an adequate quantity of ascorbic acid to the skin. So the most effective method to replenish vitamin C is by applying it directly on the skin.

For vitamin C to act locally it must:

• Reach deep within the skin.

• Remain there in high concentration.

The solution to this is a product with a high concentration of ascorbic acid (higher than 15%) and low pH (less than 3).

As soon as vitamin C is absorbed, it becomes an integral part of the skin. It cannot be removed by rubbing, water, sweat or make-up.

Vitamin C offers multiple benefits to the skin, as it:

• Stimulates collagen production, which slows down with aging, and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

• Reverses the photoaging process and increases skin radiance.

• Fights hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration, and offers antioxidant protection.

• Reduces inflammation, decreases redness and accelerates wound healing.



They protect vitamin C from oxidation.

They are the vehicle that transfers ascorbic acid deep in the skin, in concentrations 20-40 times higher than those offered by food or food supplements.

Their resilient cores make them extremely stable. They carry the ascorbic acid unaltered, even under extreme conditions, such as presence of active substances on the surface of the skin.

They have a long life span. So the entrapped ascorbic acid is transferred to its target seamlessly.


is it for me?

C35% serum is suitable for dry and very dry skin.

It is ideal for premature photoaging and skin with deep wrinkles.

It is also recommended for:

• Wound healing.

• Application before and after skin smoothing procedures with laser.

• After sunbathing, as sunscreens do not prevent immunosuppression from UV radiation. When applied locally, vitamin C reduces the inflammation and redness caused by sunburns.

how to use

Apply C35% serum on clean face and neck, massaging gently.

Use daily at night.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

You may feel light pinching on your skin the first times you use C35% serum. There is no cause for alarm.