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κάρτα αγορών μερικό σύνολο: € 0
ml / fl. Oz

New Gift Pack for men! Two products ideal for men’s skin care for a short time in festive packaging.

117.35 (διαθέσιμο)
what's the benefit?

Tamarind Serum Face

It provides:

• Intense hydration in just 8 days.

+17% increase in hydration.

+42% more hydration compared to hyaluronic acid.


• Visible smoothness in 2 weeks.

+36% improved elasticity.

-36% reduction in rough skin.


Tamarind Serum Face also:

• Protects the skin from early aging and environmental factors.

• Repairs fine lines and wrinkles.



Vita K

It is enriched with precious ingredients that help:

• Reduce wrinkles and bags under the eyes by increasing procollagen and hyaluronic acid production.

• Fight black circles.

• Moisturize your skin in depth, making it more supple and less dull.

• Protect against UVA/UVB with natural Titanium Dioxide filter.