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150ml / 5.07 fl. Oz

Slimming, firming and anti-cellulite body cream.



51.50 (instock)
what's the benifit?

Peptide Slim Perfect body cream gives you a slim figure, while keeping your skin firm and moisturized.

Its innovative ingredients:

• Reduce cellulite and the orange peel effect.

• Trigger the fat burning mechanism.

• Inhibit fat accumulation and production.

• Slim down the thighs and tighten the skin tissue.

• Prevent body weight increase.

• Provide strong anti-aging action to the skin.

what's in it?

Tripeptide-41 (Lipoxyn)

It contains high concentrations of the Tripeptide-41 oligopeptide, which:

• Prevents fat accumulation.

• Reduces fat production.

• Accelerates the fat burning action of fat cells.



Caffeine prevents excessive fat accumulation in cells. It helps the body burn the cellulite-producing fat reserves.

It has strong antioxidant properties and increases blood microcirculation in the skin.



A soy derivative that stimulates the production of a protein which creates a channel for removing the lipolysis waste products from cells.



A plant containing silica, which is known for its results in tissue restructuring.

It participates in collagen production stimulation and has revitalizing properties.


Milk Thistle

Rich in polyphenols, which reduce fat storage and fat cell / ancestor cell differentiation.

It also promotes body fat reduction, by decreasing the volume of the mature fat cells.



It reduces glucose penetration into the cells and lipid production. Therefore, it:

• Regulates the metabolism of fat cells.

• Improves the orange peel effect on skin.

• Slims down the thighs.

is it for me?

Peptide Slim Perfect cream is suitable for all skin types.

How can I choose the right cosmeceuticals for me?

how to use

Apply twice daily on the area of your choice (arms, stomach, thighs, hips, legs) using circular motions. This way, you warm up the muscles, increase microcirculation and target deeper tissues.

It is fast absorbing and does not leave any stains on the clothes.

For best results sooner, combine with healthy nutrition and exercise.

Note: Store in a cool place below 25°C.