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20ml / 0.67 fl. Oz

Full coverage, soothing, anti-inflammatory cream with instant healing and skin breathing.

For all skin types.

Ideal for sensitive, irritated and acne-prone skin.


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what's the benifit?

It can be used daily as makeup. It can be applied immediately after skin, plastic operations and medical aesthetic treatments, offering relief and soothing in a few minutes.

• Ensures nourishment and protection while allowing the skin to breathe.

• Reduces the signs of surgery, swelling and redness.

• Moisturizes in depth and provides an even skin tone.

• Strengthens the skin’s natural barrier.


what's in it?


Pure ribose, the “sugar of life”, found in all living cells. It is a fundamental structural element

of the ATP molecule which is the most important source of cell energy.

Age and stress alter cellular respiration. This in turn reduces the skin radiance, freshness and vitality.


• Increases oxygen consumption.

• Boosts cellular activity.

• Has anti-wrinkle action.


Unisooth PN-47

Taking advantage of a powerful combination of Panthenyl Triacetate and Naringenin

to directly act on the causes of skin irritation, it has a strong multi-level mechanism of action:

• Inhibits JAK/STAT, one of the most important inflammatory response cellular mechanisms.

• Reduces mRNA production for 12 significant cytokines and chemokines. This way, it provides extended soothing action.

A clinical trial on 25 volunteers demonstrated significant reduction in skin redness and dehydration in 15 minutes.


D-Panthenyl Triacetate

D-Panthenyl Triacetate is a stable derivative of vitamin B5.

It has soothing properties, fights redness and penetrates skin easily.

D-Panthenyl Triacetate is well known for increasing wound healing, improving skin barrier,

reducing UV-induced erythema, and more generally for its anti-irritation properties.


Chamomile Oil & Aloe Vera

Natural ingredients that soothe and calm irritated skin.


Vitamin E

A strong antioxidant and effective moisturizing agent.

It regenerates the skin by increasing collagen and elastin production.

It improves skin elasticity and makes skin look younger.


Safester Α-75

A vitamin F (Ethyl Linoleate) ester that smooths the outer tissue

and regulates sebum secretion. It also increases skin tolerance.

Safester Α-75 is also a:

• Ceramide precursor.

• Functional emollient.

• Skin lipid barrier instant improvement agent.

Products containing vitamin F are suitable for damaged, dry, cracked and sensitive skin.


Hyaluronic Acid

A polysaccharide that serves as a water reservoir for the skin cells,

due to its unique capacity to retain water.

It creates a film on the skin surface and protects the skin from the environmental impact.


Carboxymethyl Glucan

It activates immune system cells and regulates the negative effects of acute UV radiation,

which, during in vivo studies, revealed a positive influence on skin texture and elasticity.

It was shown to have a positive effect on the texture of the skin, characterized

by skin pore size and the quality of the desquamation of the skin’s outer layer.



is it for me?

O2 is suitable for all skin types. It is ideal for sensitive and irritated skin.

Use it after plastic surgery or medical skin treatments, such as:

• Laser

• Rhinoplasty

• Laser hair removal

• Acne / Rosacea treatments

• Face lift surgery

• 1st and 2nd degree burns

• Chemical peeling

You can also use O2 for other skin problems, such as acne scars, bruises, scars, redness, dryness and pigmentation.

How can I choose the right cosmeceuticals for me?

how to use

Cleanse well the area of the skin where you want to apply the product, following your dermatologist’s instructions.

Massage gently and apply the cream by patting. You may use O2 on the face neck and décolleté.

Store cream in a cool and dark place below 25⁰C, to secure its useful shelf life and efficacy.

We recommend covering your scars in the sun or using sunscreen with a high SPF, since damage caused by solar radiation may affect the healing process.

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