tightening, detoxification & direct Flash."/>
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24h treatment for tightening, detoxification & direct Flash. 40% off limited time offer.

Bio Peptide

Ultra Active 15SPF

48.00 (instock)

what's the benefit?

Bio Peptide

• Provides intensive anti aging treatment

• Reduces wrinkles and sagging skin

• Restores face V-shape

• Smoothens and thickens skin

• Increases collagen, fibronectin and elastin


Ultra Active 15SPF

• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

• Neutralizes free radicals.

• Increases collagen production.

• Offers intense antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

• Creates a protective film daily against UV radiation and other environmental factors.

• Restores youthfulness and skin radiance.



how to use

Apply on dry, clean skin on the face and neck some drops of Bio Peptide Serum.

Once absorbed, apply Ultra Active 15SPF.